30% off Site wide for the Holidays! FREE U.S SHIPPING & RETURNS

30% off Site wide for the Holidays! FREE U.S SHIPPING & RETURNS


  • I loved the fit, personally. The buttons that function as a belt is great for tailoring to your waistline. This was the first time I've bought a romper, and there were a couple items on my checklist: 

    Some type of adjustable waist band
    Fitted since it shows your build a little more (which I prefer)
    Zipper fly, if possible, because male, that's why

    If you enjoy talking with people, talk about conversation starter. I'm newer to my city and one afternoon on the beach had me talking to more than a handful of people, totally awesome!


  • I bought this for my husband...he put it on and I actually loved it on him.

    He looked so good. The quality was actually really high, it feels and looks like a high quality piece of clothing. He absolutely love the zipper feature on it as well, makes for going #1 super easy. He also loves that the sleeves are fitted (showcases the muscles). He owns it and loves wearing it around and feels masculine in it.


  • The Charlie Romper has a well-made high quality feel. Importantly, it has convenient pockets. The fabric seems durable.But much more importantly, this salmon pink men's romper will instantly make you the life of the party in any social gathering. It's an instant conversation starter with anyone. Wore this around Manhattan to dinner following by drinks. By the end of the night, I had lost count of how many girls approached me to talk about it. This romper will get a lot of use—buying some for all my friends now. 


  • These rompers fit perfectly, the midsection fits okay, and theres an adjustable strap on each side.
    Material is of good construction and feel, it breathes well and doesnt get too hot. 


  • My boyfriend looks HOT in a romper! 

    This romper was notably good quality. I liked that the waist is adjustable and the zipper fly is a very nice feature as well. The peach color (which I got) is quite fashionable/trendy, and the breathable fabric allows for full freedom of movement. It runs true to size and doesn't bunch or pinch anywhere. Whether you're looking to take the plunge on your first romper purchase or add one more to your wardrobe, this is an excellent choice.